Aesthetic Smile Design

Aesthetic Smile Design: Steps for the Perfect Smile

A beautiful smile starts with healthy and aesthetic teeth. Aesthetic smile design is a process that allows patients to achieve the perfect smile they want, using modern techniques in dentistry. We [Dentist Clinic Name] specialize in this field and use the most up-to-date technologies to offer you the best results.

What is Aesthetic Smile Design?

Aesthetic smile design involves creating a personalized treatment plan tailored to each patient's unique facial structure and teeth. In this process, factors such as color, size, shape and position of the teeth are taken into account. Our goal is to beautify our patients' smiles and increase their self-confidence.

Aesthetic Smile Design Process

  • Comprehensive Examination: The first step is to examine the patient's current tooth structure and determine their wishes. Our dentist listens to the patient's wishes and creates a treatment plan.
  • Color and Shape Determination: The color and shape of the teeth are determined in accordance with the patient's facial structure. Our dentist can simulate the patient's future smile with digital imaging technology.
  • Treatment Stages: The aesthetic smile design process may include various methods such as teeth whitening, porcelain laminates (veneers), bonding, and orthodontic treatments. Each step is tailored to the patient's wishes and needs.
  • Results: It is our greatest pleasure to see the change in our patients' faces when the treatment is completed. Aesthetic smile design not only improves the appearance of the teeth, but also improves patients' self-confidence and quality of life.
Deniz Ünaldı | Dentist | Adana
Deniz Ünaldı | Dentist | Adana
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